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Wooden Railway Train Track Connectors for Brio, IKEA, Thomas Trains - SET 12. Pcs.

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Wooden Railway Train Track Connectors pack (12 pcs.) – Connect any Brio, Ikea, Lidl, Aldi, etc tracks.

3D printed from biodegradable PLA.

You can use these Wooden Railway Train Track Connectors to connect Brio tracks to IKEA tracks or all the popular wooden train tracks like Aldi, Lidl, Thomas Wooden Rail, Bigjigs Rail, and Road, Hape, Eichhorn, Woody Train, Heros, Melissa & Doug, Mentari, and many more.

The PLA filament we use for printing our wooden train tracks is non-toxic and made from natural components (corn starch), making it biodegradable at high composting temperatures and great if you’re looking to make a more eco-conscious purchase. The material is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

What’s included: Wooden Railway Train Track Connectors – SET of 12 pcs.
You can choose mixed or random colors, then you get bones with almost all our color options.

Question: Are Brio train tracks compatible with IKEA train tracks?

Answer: No! Brio train tracks are not compatible with IKEA train tracks. You need an adapter or connector to connect IKEA to Brio tracks. We made these small "bones" or connectors that help You to connect Brio, IKEA, Aldi, Lidl tracks.