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Spacer with Crossable Base, compatible with GraviTrax

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Spacer with Crossable Base, compatible with GraviTrax.

Looking for a way to add more height to your Gravitrax marble run? Check out our Spacer with Crossable Base!

Our Gravitrax compatible stackable spacers are perfect for adding an extra level of challenge to your run. The spacers can be placed on a GraviTrax base plate and will connect with the official Gravitrax parts.

So get creative and see how high you can make your marble run!

Compatible with GraviTrax and GraviTrax Pro.

3D printed from biodegradable PLA.

The PLA filament we use for printing our GraviTrax compatible tiles is non-toxic and made from natural components (corn starch), making it biodegradable at high composting temperatures and great if you’re looking to make a more eco-conscious purchase. Comparable to PET plastics – More than 95% of the world’s plastics are created from natural gas or crude oil. Fossil fuel-based plastics are not only hazardous; they’re also a finite resource. Our used PLA material for our 3D printed GraviTrax parts presents a functional, renewable, and comparable replacement. PLA requires 65% less energy to produce than traditional, petroleum-based plastics. It also emits 68% fewer greenhouse gases. The material is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

Available the following sizes:
- 3.5 inches / 9cm = the same height as 9 GraviTrax spacers,
- 3.15 inches / 8cm = the same height as 8 spacers
- 2.75 inches / 7cm = the same height as 7 spacers
- 2.35 inches / 6cm = the same height as 6 spacers
- 1.95 inches / 5cm = the same height as 5 spacers
- 1.57 inches / 4cm = the same height as 4 spacers
- 1.18 inches / 3cm = the same height as 3 spacers

What’s included: Spacer with Crossable Base.
Color: Gray.

* Other parts on photos, like GraviTrax cardboard, rails, marbles, etc is for demo purpose