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Rails Set 12, Compatible with GraviTrax

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Rails Superset of all our bestseller marble run rails which is very popular with our customers so far!

Fully compatible with GraviTrax and GraviTrax Pro.

Set includes:

  • Wobble Tracks (middle size 5 inches / 13.5cm) - 3.pcs.
  • Curved rails - 5.pcs.
  • X-rails - 2.pcs.
  • Slow rails (large size 7.5 inches / 19 cm) - 2.pcs.

About our GraviTrax expansion sets production method:

This part is 3D printed. In 3D printing, molten plastic of 210 degrees celsius is placed on top of each other layer by layer. This ultimately creates a 3-dimensional product. The process is often used for making toys, prototyping, and replacing broken parts. Nowadays you see 3D prints more and more as an end product in all kinds of products. Parts of airplanes and cars are even being printed!

The PLA filament we use for printing our GraviTrax compatible tiles is non-toxic and made from natural components (corn starch), making it biodegradable at high composting temperatures and great if you’re looking to make a more eco-conscious purchase. The material is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

Shipping is always a fixed rate, no matter how many different products you order from our store.

– Returns accepted in original condition.
– Any questions, please feel free to ask.

* Other parts on photos, like GraviTrax cardboard, rails, spacers, marbles, etc is for demo purpose