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NinTastic - Nintendo Style Case for the Raspberry Pi

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This case was designed specifically in creating a RetroPie gaming system, which combines a number of video game emulator technologies into a single Raspberry Pi-based solution.

The NinTastic case for a Raspberry Pi prints in 3 pieces that can easily snap together:

  • Top

  • Bottom

  • Flap

RetroPie - combines these technologies:
* Raspberry Pi - the hardware
* EmulationStation - the GUI menu that lets you browse between emulator systems (e.g. Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1, ...) and select ROMs to play. This then loads the correct emulator to play that ROM.
* RetroArch - the emulator used by most systems within the RetroPie
* ES-Scraper - the game box cover art and information scraping utility.