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Flexible Wooden Train Track Intersection

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Flexible Wooden Train Track Intersection.

Are you looking for a great way to connect wooden train tracks? Then check out our Flexible Wooden Train Track Intersection! The Flexible Wooden Train Track Intersection is the perfect accessory for wooden train tracks. The interlocking pieces allow you to extend the length of your wooden train tracks without adding extra pieces, keeping your layout sleek and simple.

Our Flexible Wooden Train Track is an easy-to-install system made out of flexible, environmentally friendly PLA plastic.

Compatible with Brio, IKEA, Lidl, Aldi

3D printed from biodegradable PLA.

You can use this flexible Wooden Train Track Intersection with all the popular wooden train tracks like Brio, IKEA, Aldi, Lidl, Thomas Wooden Rail, Bigjigs Rail, and Road, Hape, Eichhorn, Woody Train, Heros, Melissa & Doug, Mentari, and many more.

The PLA filament we use for printing our wooden train tracks is non-toxic and made from natural components (corn starch), making it biodegradable at high composting temperatures and great if you’re looking to make a more eco-conscious purchase. The material is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

What’s included:

  • Flexible Wooden Train Track Intersection – 1 pcs.
  • Small Bone for connecting IKEA rails to the intersection - 1pcs. (random colors)

– Returns accepted in original condition.
– Any questions, please feel free to ask.