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Compact Case for Wemos D1 mini Weather Station

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Compact Case for Wemos D1 mini Weather Station - 3D Printed from very strong and durable PET-G.


3D Printed compact case for Wemos D1 mini wifi ESP8266 with 0.96 Inch Yellow and Blue I2C IIC Serial 128X64 OLED Display.

You need to bend over the (4) pins so they clear the D1 mini(see pic) or just unsolder the 4 pin connector and remove it and solder the wire directly to the board. I found that bending one pin at a time avoids torquing the connection too much.

To ensure a minimal gap between the body and cap, sand the surfaces of both the body and side panel flat where they contact each other.

3D printed parts include:
- Wemos D1 Mini Case,
- Wemos D1 Mini Case Cover

Attention! This is the only 3D printed case for Wemos D1 mini, electronic parts must be purchased separately!