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3D Printed Enclosure for Dust Sensor with Wemos OLED

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This is a 3D Printed Enclosure for a DIY air quality monitor based on Wemos, DHT22 and SDS011 laser particle sensors. It measures and displays temperature, relative humidity, PM2.5, and PM10. It is a perfect device that deserves its place in every home automation setup.

3D printed dust sensor enclosure is designed to fit 3 devices:
a PM2.5/PM10 dust sensor,
a Wemos ESP8266-based board with an OLED display,
a digital humidity and temperature sensor.

Attention! This is only a 3D printed enclosure, electronics, and other components are not included!
- 3D printed dust sensor back - 1.pcs.
- dust sensor front - 1.pcs.
Printed from PLA.

More info about hardware requirements and project firmware:

3D Printed Enclosure for Wemos!